Can the androids beat Frieza?

Android 19 and 20 are stronger than Frieza?

re: Android 19: weaker or stronger than Frieza? They are stronger than Frieza by a decent margin.. Goku didn't hit 19 in the dust and Vegeta needed a senzu. If 19 and 20 weren't below Piccolo, they would have a reputation for being very strong.

Who is stronger Cell or Frieza?

As such, though Cell was much stronger than Frieza. had been in his initial appearance, even containing Frieza's cells from the tyrant's brief visit to Earth, Frieza has become much stronger, able to transform into a new golden form and go toe-to-toe against Goku while the latter was Super Saiyan Blue.

Cell is stronger than Broly?

With all this power combined, they had the power of 5 Super Saiyans (including Goku). … A Super Saiyan 3 is stronger than Celland if a Super Saiyan 3 stood a chance against a Broly, it's clear that Broly is stronger than Cell.

Are 17 and 18 stronger than Frieza?

17 and 18 according to my calculations were about 2 times stronger like Frieza.

Is Dr. Gero stronger than Frieza?

Frieza had much bigger kai energy blasts and more moves. plus it seemed to be faster than the Z fighters. …So it seems they all died just as fast as a super saiyan, the only difference is that Freiza had bigger kai blasts. Dr. Gero was stronger than 19 but only as strong as 17 he was over 18.

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