Can you embed GIFs in Google Slides?

Open your Google Slides theme. If you want to insert a GIF or change a default one, you can. Go to the left corner and on the toolbar click Insert, select Image → Upload from computer. Choose the GIF you want to embed and click Open.

Where are the gifs in Google Slides?

How to add a GIF to Google Slides (watch and learn)

  1. Drag and drop a GIF image from your computer into a Google Slides presentation to embed it.
  2. Click and drag to reposition the GIF anywhere on the slide.
  3. Go to Insert menu > Image > By URL to place a GIF URL.


How do I loop a GIF in Google Slides?

Here are the steps,

  1. Create an object on your slide. An object can be a shape, a text box, an image, etc.
  2. Click Insert > Animation. …
  3. Select the object you created.
  4. Create a start spin animation. …
  5. Create a second spin animation. …
  6. Repeat step 5 and create another N same animations. …
  7. Click Play.
  8. Click on the object you created.


How do you save a GIF in Google Slides?

Slide duration (in seconds)

  1. When you're ready, click the "Create GIF" button.
  2. When it's done, the animated GIF will be displayed.
  3. You can save your own copy by clicking the "Save" button, or simply by right-clicking on the GIF and selecting "Save Image As..."


How do you get the URL of a GIF?

Copy the URL of a GIF on the web

  1. Find the GIF you'd like to post on your favorite GIF site. Some good sources for GIFs are Reddit, Giphy, and Gifbin.
  2. Right click on the GIF and select 'Copy Image Address'

GIFs not working in Google Slides?

You can go to and then search for the perfect GIF for your Google Slides presentation. ... You must embed the image using the URL; otherwise the animations will not work. Add GIFs to Google Slides. Click the Insert tab on the toolbar, then select Image.

Do GIFs play in Google Docs?

You can also create your own GIFs and insert them into Google Docs and Slides. In fact, all types of documents in Google Drive accept animated GIFs, but Docs and Slides are the most common.

How do I make a GIF loop?

Click Animation in the menu at the top. Click Edit GIF animation. Click the dropdown next to Loop and choose how many times you want the GIF to play. Click Apply.

How do I download all Google Slides?

To download Google Docs, select "Export" from the "More Actions" dropdown menu, and then select the "Export All" checkbox. You can export up to 2 GB of files, but if your account has more data, you'll see a message with a list of files that aren't included in the zip file.

How do you take a Google Slides screenshot?

Select the activity you want to embed a screenshot of by clicking the checkbox, then tap the "Insert screenshot" button at the bottom right.

Where is the Save button in Google Slides?

Presentations: In the upper right corner, there is a Save & Close button or you can click File on the Google Docs toolbar and choose Save & Close (which will close your presentation and return you to the main Google Docs screen).

How do I convert a GIF to HTML?

How to convert GIF to HTML

  1. Open the free GroupDocs app website and choose GroupDocs. …
  2. Click inside the file drop area to load a GIF file, or drag and drop a GIF file.
  3. Click the Convert button. …
  4. The download link of the result files will be available instantly after the conversion.

How do you upload a GIF?

In the GIPHY app:

  1. Download the GIPHY app and use the + to access our GIFMaker.
  2. Press and hold the shutter icon (O) to record a GIF. …
  3. You will have the option to decorate if you wish. …
  4. You can add tags to your GIFs, separated by commas (no # needed). …
  5. Tap Upload to GIPHY!

Can I add my own GIF to Teams?

As of now, adding custom animated GIFs is not available in Teams. However, this is already on Microsoft's backlog.

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