Does Procreate backup to iCloud?

reggev, Procreate does not currently offer an iCloud sync option, but you can make an iCloud backup. If you back up your iPad, including your apps, to iCloud, this will include your Procreate files.

How do I save Procreate files to iCloud?

To export individual files and save them to iCloud or Dropbox, open Procreate and you'll see the Gallery screen. Swipe the artwork thumbnail to the left and choose 'Share'. The next screen will give you the option to choose the type of file format.

Does Procreate automatically save to iCloud?

Hi, in Procreate settings iCloud is enabled as the place to store documents. …That setting doesn't give you an automatic iCloud backup. It only governs where files are stored when you export them to iTunes or (I think) the Files app, which means those files are saved to iCloud instead of the iPad.

Does Procreate make backups automatically?

3) There is no automatic backup. That storage location option in the iPad settings in Procreate relates to the Procreate folder in the Files app and whether its content is stored on the iPad or in iCloud. The files only go to that folder if you send them there, by exporting or using Drag and Drop, for example.

How do I recover deleted files in procreate?

Check if you have a backup by going to Settings/Your Apple ID/iCloud/Manage Storage/Backups/This iPad and check if Procreate is included in the list of apps. If so, you can do a restore from that backup if it's recent enough to contain the artwork.

Is Procreate owned by Apple?

Procreate is a digital painting raster graphics editing app developed and published by Savage Interactive for iOS and iPadOS. … Procreate is designed for multi-touch and Apple Pencil. It's also compatible with a number of third-party stylus pens and imports/exports to Adobe Photoshop. PSD format.

What happens if you remove procreate?

Yes, deleting Procreate will delete all of your artwork, as well as your custom brushes, swatches, and settings. Before you do something like that, you should back things up. And you should also regularly back up your work from iPad anyway, to guard against unexpected issues like this.

How do I access files in iCloud Drive?

Click the iCloud Drive icon to view and open any files you've stored in iCloud Drive, Apple's file sync and storage service. You can also email, download and delete any file, as well as upload new files and create new folders to house your files.

Is it safe to procreate?

Yes. Procreate Pocket is very safe to use.

Are procreate files backed up?

In addition to iCloud backups, store your Procreate files inside another cloud system like Google Drive, as well as on an external hard drive. Having your files backed up in multiple places is the best way to make sure your designs are safe in case something happens to your app or devices.

Why is my procreate export unsuccessful?

That can happen if you have very little storage space available on your iPad. Could this be a factor, even though it's a 3rd-gen Pro? Check in iPad Settings > General > About. Check in the Files app > On My iPad > Procreate to see if there are any files there; if so, they are duplicated and take up extra space.

How do I make a backup of procreate art?

Tap each artwork you want to back up, then tap the right-pointing arrow for the Share popup. Select "iTunes" or "Dropbox" under "Export to", then select "Procreate" from the options provided. For Dropbox, you have the option to choose where to put them in your Dropbox.

Can you transfer files from Procreate to another iPad?

There, scroll down to Procreate. You should see all your documents. Transfer them all to the computer. I would then repeat the process with the new iPad only this time I would transfer the documents to the new iPad.

How do I save my camera roll artwork to procreate?

  1. Go to settings. This is the wrench icon at the top left of the toolbar. …
  2. Press 'Share' This shows all the different ways you export your project. …
  3. Choose a file type. Next, you need to choose a file type. …
  4. Choose a Save option. …
  5. You're done! …


Are apps stored in iCloud?

App Data – If enabled, Apple will back up data for the particular app. When you restore your iPhone or iPad from an iCloud backup, the app along with the app data will be restored. … All this data can be downloaded again when you restore your iPhone or iPad using iCloud.

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