Does Procreate save without WIFI?

Procreate does not need Internet or WiFi to work on an iPad. You can use all the features of Procreates to their full capacity offline. …Everything you do with Procreate is stored within the app.

Does Procreate auto save?

Procreate automatically saves your work as you go. Every time you lift your stylus or finger, the Procreate app records the change and saves it. If you click through your gallery again and go back to your design, you'll see that your work is fresh and up-to-date.

How do you save on procreate?

  1. Go to settings. This is the wrench icon at the top left of the toolbar. …
  2. Press 'Share' This shows all the different ways you export your project. …
  3. Choose a file type. Next, you need to choose a file type. …
  4. Choose a Save option. …
  5. You're done! …


Does Procreate take up a lot of storage space?

How much space do Procreate files take up? Each Procreate file is a different size based on its dimensions, the number of layers, the complexity, and the duration of the time-lapse video recording. … In total, it takes up 2.1 GB of space on my iPad. That's not much, even for a 32gb iPad.

Does Procreate save to the cloud?

reggev, Procreate does not currently offer an iCloud sync option, but you can make an iCloud backup. If you back up your iPad, including your apps, to iCloud, this will include your Procreate files.

Why is my procreate export unsuccessful?

That can happen if you have very little storage space available on your iPad. Could this be a factor, even though it's a 3rd-gen Pro? Check in iPad Settings > General > About. Check in the Files app > On My iPad > Procreate to see if there are any files there; if so, they are duplicated and take up extra space.

Can you save procreate in photos?

You can also save time-lapse recordings to Photos (in which case the option will be "Save Video" instead of "Save Image"), except if it's a 4K recording of a canvas larger than 3840 x 2160 pixels. You also won't get Save Image for PDF and . procreate files.

Is Procreate free on iPad?

Procreate, on the other hand, does not have a free version or free trial. You must first purchase the app before you can use it.

Can I download procreate on Windows?

While Procreate is only available on the iPad, there are some compelling alternatives on the market for Windows users. We've curated seven of our favorites on this list.

How many GB do I need to procreate?

For the cheap option...

Get the regular iPad (base model). It's the cheapest option, starting at $329 with 32GB of storage for the current model, but it has a screen big enough (10.2″) to create art. If your main reason for getting an iPad is to use Procreate, 32GB of storage would do the trick.

Is 64 GB enough to procreate?

I chose the 64GB version based on my personal use with an older iPad 3 as well as my iPhone. However, if you plan to use Procreate and other space-consuming apps, then it may be worth paying for the next size (256GB). I too would have preferred if Apple had made a 128 GB version.

What iPad should I get to procreate?

So for the short list, I would recommend the following: Best Overall iPad for Procreate: The 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Best cheap iPad for Procreate: The 10.9-inch iPad Air. Best budget iPad for Procreate: The 7.9-inch iPad Mini.

What happens if you remove procreate?

Yes, deleting Procreate will delete all of your artwork, as well as your custom brushes, swatches, and settings. Before you do something like that, you should back things up. And you should also regularly back up your work from iPad anyway, to guard against unexpected issues like this.

How do I recover deleted files in procreate?

Check if you have a backup by going to Settings/Your Apple ID/iCloud/Manage Storage/Backups/This iPad and check if Procreate is included in the list of apps. If so, you can do a restore from that backup if it's recent enough to contain the artwork.

Is it safe to procreate?

Yes. Procreate Pocket is very safe to use.

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