FAQ: How do I shrink a Windows 10 partition with unmovable files?

How do I delete unmovable files?

Solution :

  1. Step 1 – Open your command prompt by pressing CRL + R and typing cmd in it.
  2. Step 2 – Then you need to type the following command which will take you to your desktop.
  3. Step 3 – Once you have done that, you need to list the folders on the desktop using the dir command shown below.

How do I force a partition to shrink?

Make shrink volume work

Here is the list of steps: Run the disk cleanup wizard, making sure to remove the hibernation file and all restore points. Disable System Restore. Disable the paging file ( Open System in Control Panel, then Advanced System Settings Advanced Performance Advanced Switching No paging file.

How do I shrink a partition in Windows 10?

Shrink volume or partition on disk in Disk Management

  1. Open the Win+X menu and click/tap on Disk Management (diskmgmt.…
  2. Right-click or long-press the partition/volume (eg "D") you want to shrink, and click/tap Shrink Volume. (

What happens when you shrink a volume in Windows 10?

When you shrink a partition, any ordinary files are automatically relocated to the disk to create the new unallocated space. It is not necessary to reformat the drive to shrink the partition.

Can I shrink C drive in Windows 10?

Type Diskmgmt. msc in the Run dialog box and then press Enter key to open Disk Management. Then C drive side will shrink and there will be new Unallocated disk space. Choose the size of the new partition in the next step, then follow the next step to finish the process.

Why can't I shrink my C drive?

The reason Windows won't let you shrink the volume is as the message shown in Disk Management suggests, because there are unmovable system files at the end of the volumeas this screenshot of the utility shows us.

How long does it take to shrink a Windows 10 volume?

it will take around less than 1 min to reduce file size to 10 MB. Waiting an hour is normal. It means that you have many things full.

Why can't I shrink my partition?

Windows won't let you shrink the volume because there are unmovable system files at the end of the volume, such as the page file, hibernate file, or system volume information folder. The solution is to temporarily disable hibernation, paging file, and System Restore.

Why is my available shrink space so small?

The main reason why you can't shrink the disk are that there are unmovable files on the disk when trying to shrink the volume (as your screenshot says). Having encountered this before on both server and desktop OSes, I can say that the most likely culprit is the paging file.

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