FAQ: How do I turn off the fast line in procreate?

In Procreate, maybe hold X fingers while clicking to draw a straight line between touched points? Thank you! You can disable Quickline. Go to the wrench icon, then Preferences and move the Quick Line Slider all the way to the left until it goes to Disabled.

How do you stop Procreate from making straight lines?

To fix this: – Open the Actions menu on a canvas (wrench icon) and go to Preferences > Gesture Controls. – On the Gesture Control Panel, tap the Assisted Drawing tab on the left (third down). – If Apple Pencil is activated there, turn it off.

Why does my procreate only draw straight lines?

Why does Procreate only draw straight lines? If Procreate will only draw straight lines, it's likely that Drawing Assist has been turned on or left on accidentally. Go to the Actions tab and click Preferences. Next, click Gesture Controls and then Assisted Drawing.

How do I turn off the quick way?

There is a QuickMenu button called 'Toggle QuickShape' which allows you to disable the feature. So if you have QuickShape set to the default, 'Draw and hold', that will allow you to quickly switch between on and off lines and shapes.

How do I activate the express line in procreate?

Procreate 3 brings you the tool you've been waiting for: Quickline. With Quickline, you can easily create perfectly straight lines without changing tools or navigating menus. Simply hold at the end of a stroke to turn it into a straight line, preserving the texture and quality of your brush.

Why does my Apple Pencil keep drawing lines?

This may just be a palm/hand rejection error when moving your hand to write with the stylus and typical of Bluetooth smart stylus pens that this can occur from time to time. This is nothing serious or problematic. This can and does happen from time to time in any drawing/writing application that supports the smart pen.

How do you make a perfect line in procreate?

Just draw your shape and hold down with the pencil so that the line is perfectly smooth. If you hold another finger down on the screen, it will create a perfect equilateral circle, square, or triangle.

Does Procreate have a shape tool?

One of the most complex and dynamic tools released by Procreate is the Quick Shape tool. This tool is everything illustrators, lettering artists, and designers have been waiting for. It is so simple yet so complex.

Does Procreate Pocket have a quick way?

Procreate Pocket 3 features liquify, text and more in its latest update. For precision adjustments, Warp and Distort apply up to 16 nodes to any part of the canvas, allowing artists to wrap, fold, and curve their artwork.

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