How do I open a recovery file in Illustrator?

To recover an unsaved Illustrator file, restart the program. You will recover your artwork using the auto-saved recovery feature. When you reopen Illustrator, the unsaved file with the Recovered suffix will be visible in the top bar of the program.

How do I open a recovered file in Illustrator?

Recover from an autosave

  1. Start Illustrator again. (…
  2. When it opens, you will be met with a dialog box. …
  3. If Illustrator has a salvaged version of your file, it will open immediately with a [Recovered] suffix to tab file name.
  4. Go to File > Save As to save the recovered file.


Why can't I open my Illustrator file?

Try resetting your Illustrator preferences, as these can survive a reinstall of the software. “Hold down Alt+Control+Shift (Windows) or Option+Command+Shift (macOS) while starting Illustrator. … The new preferences files are created the next time you start Illustrator.”

How do I recover a locked file?

Steps to recover data from a damaged or crashed hard drive

  1. Download and install Disk Drill for Windows or Mac OS X.
  2. Launch Disk Drill recovery software, select the damaged hard drive and click: …
  3. Preview the files you found with Quick or Deep Scan. …
  4. Click the Recover button to recover your lost data.


How do I run a diagnostic in Illustrator?

Click "Run Diagnostic" > select to start Illustrator in "Safe Mode" > click each item in the list that causes an AI crash error (such as corrupted fonts, outdated plugins/drivers, etc.). Step 4. Check the troubleshooting tips for each item and follow the tips to correct the problems.

Why does Adobe Illustrator keep crashing?

Illustrator can crash or perform slowly when your system does not have enough memory (RAM) because there are too many applications open on your computer.

How do I convert an Illustrator file to PDF?

To save a file as a PDF, follow these steps:

  1. Choose File→Save As, select Illustrator PDF (.pdf) from the Save as type drop-down list, and then click Save.
  2. In the Adobe PDF Options dialog box that appears, choose one of these options from the Preset drop-down list: …
  3. Click Save PDF to save your file in PDF format.

Can't read the file because the plugin in Illustrator?

Go to System Preferences > Full Disk Access > Make sure the checkbox in front of Illustrator is checked. Once this is done, quit Illustrator and restart it again and you should be able to open the files.

How do I repair corrupt files in Illustrator?

How to repair an Illustrator file

  1. Install Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator on your computer.
  2. Launch Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator.
  3. Select a damaged AI file on the first page of the repair wizard in Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator.
  4. Select the file name for the new recovered file.
  5. Press the Save File button.

Where does Word save AutoRecover files?

These can be found via File, Open and clicking the Recover Unsaved Documents button at the bottom of the Recent Files List. Open Word and select File, Options. In the Options dialog box, select Save from the menu on the left. Note the location of the AutoRecover files.

Can data be recovered from a damaged hard drive?

But either way, recovery is possible. To make sure it's the hard drive and not one of the many other things that can go wrong when starting a computer, if possible, remove the hard drive and plug it into another computer. … A universal drive adapter will help you recover data from most hard drives.

What if you accidentally clicked don't save?

You just closed an Office document and accidentally clicked Don't Save. By default, Office applications automatically save temporary backups of your documents while you work, and there's a good chance you'll be able to recover them. …

How do I reset my Illustrator file?

To quickly restore preferences using a keyboard shortcut

Hold down Alt+Control+Shift (Windows) or Option+Command+Shift (macOS) while starting Illustrator. The new preference files are created the next time you start Illustrator.

How do I prevent Illustrator from crashing?

When Adobe Illustrator crashes, you can restart the software to directly recover unsaved Illustrator files.

  1. Close Adobe Illustrator CC and restart it.
  2. Click the OK button on the popup window to import the unsaved AI files.
  3. Save the file on your computer.


Why is Illustrator in safe mode?

Safe Mode is a new feature that: Helps you diagnose and fix problems in the problem area, giving you a way to fix any problem. Determines the cause of a crash, prevents the particular file from loading with Illustrator, and provides a list of the items causing the problem when Illustrator is restarted.

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