How do I use virtual copies in Lightroom?

To create a virtual copy, select Photo > Create virtual copy. Lightroom displays the virtual copy as an additional thumbnail of the photo (with a small page curl icon in the bottom left) that can then be edited, exported, printed, etc., independently of the master photo.

What does it mean to create a virtual copy in Lightroom?

As the name suggests, virtual copies are copies of a virtually created image file. In other words, they are copies created solely in the Lightroom environment. Creating a virtual copy does not physically copy the source file. Lightroom only stores editing information within its catalog.

How do I create a virtual copy in Lightroom?

Select the image (or images) you want to make virtual copies of:

  1. Go to Photo > Create Virtual Copy. …
  2. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut. …
  3. Alternatively, right-click on one of the selected photos and choose Create Virtual Copy. …
  4. The fourth way is to go to Library > New Collection.

How do you duplicate in Lightroom?

To duplicate photos using Virtual Copy in Lightroom, select the image, right-click it, and click Create Virtual Copy. Your new virtual copy will appear alongside the original on the filmstrip, and once you've completed this simple step, you can edit each version separately.

Why can't I see my virtual copies in Lightroom?

You must go to the “All photos” album to be able to see the Virtual Copy. This really breaks a workflow and occurs in both Library and Develop views.

How do I get rid of virtual copies in Lightroom?

To delete a virtual copy: When in the Catalog/Folder panel, tap Delete (Mac) | Backspace (Win) to remove (delete) a virtual copy (but not the original). When you're in a collection, tap Delete (Mac) | Backspace (Win) to remove the virtual copy from the collection.

What is the name of the copy in Lightroom?

Each time a virtual copy is created, Lightroom automatically populates the Copy Name field with Copy 1, Copy 2, Copy 3, etc., as a way of giving each virtual copy a unique name. The Copy Name field and autocomplete names are often invisible to many people using Lightroom.

What is the meaning of the copies?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1: an imitation, transcription, or reproduction of an original work (such as a letter, painting, table, or dress) 2: one of a series of especially mechanical reproductions of an original print as well: an example individual of such reproduction.

Can you duplicate a photo in Lightroom mobile?

On mobile, you can copy and paste edits from one photo to another, but there's no way to paste those edits to multiple photos at once. …Both can be done in Lightroom Desktop but not Mobile, so remote access to a desktop running Lightroom makes it easy to do.

How do I create a virtual copy in Photoshop?

To create a virtual copy, select one or more images and choose Photo > Create Virtual Copy, or press Control + ' (Windows) or Command + ' (Mac). In grid view, the virtual copy is identified by a page turn icon in the lower left corner of the thumbnail (Figure 56).

What does it mean when Lightroom says it skipped importing duplicates?

Ignore duplicates on import

Lightroom Classic determines that a photo is a duplicate of another file in the catalog if it has the same original file name; the same Exif capture date and time; and the same file size. You can tell Lightroom Classic to ignore duplicate files when importing.

How do I duplicate a photo?

Select the photo you want to make a duplicate. Then tap the Share button, an icon that looks like an up arrow located in the bottom left corner. Scroll down the list of options, select Duplicate. Go back to Camera Roll, the duplicate copy will now be available.

Why does Lightroom create duplicates?

If you are importing from a card reader or directly from a camera, you cannot use add and it will always copy the files to your destination settings. ...You may also have checked "Make a second copy at:", but that's only possible when you use Move or Copy.

How do you duplicate in Lightroom Classic?

In Lightroom, select any image, right-click (Option-Click on Mac) and select the Create Virtual Copy option. On the filmstrip, the virtual copy will appear next to the original file. Now you can edit both versions independently and create different editing variations.

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