How do you hide a workspace in Photoshop?

How do I turn off the workspace in Photoshop?

When the Preferences dialog opens, in the Options section, uncheck the Show "Start" workspace when no documents are open check box (as shown above). You can also turn off the Recent Files workspace here, too, by clearing the checkbox below. Get How do I do that in Photoshop?

How do I hide a panel in Photoshop?

To hide the panels and the toolbar, press Tab on your keyboard. Press Tab again to bring them back, or just hover over the borders to show them temporarily.

How do I hide the home screen in Photoshop?

Start by selecting Photoshop > Preferences > General from the Macintosh menu or Edit > Preferences > Render on Windows. On the General page of the Preferences dialog, you can clear the "Automatically display the startup screen" check box, which is located in the Options section.

How do I customize my workspace in Photoshop?

Create a custom workspace

  1. Arrange panels in a specific work order.
  2. Click the Workspaces menu on the Options Bar, or click the Window menu and then select Workspace.
  3. Enter a name for the workspace.
  4. Select the check boxes to save keyboard shortcuts or menus.
  5. Click Save. Click to view larger image.


What is CTRL A in Photoshop?

Handy Photoshop Shortcut Commands

Ctrl + A (Select All): Creates a selection around the entire canvas. Ctrl + T (Free Transform): Opens the Free Transform tool to resize, rotate, and skew the image using a draggable outline. Ctrl + E (Merge Layers): Merges the selected layer with the layer directly below it.

What is the default workspace in Photoshop?

Photoshop Default Workspace

By default, Photoshop uses a workspace known as Essentials. If you have never chosen a different workspace, you are using the Essentials workspace. It's also the workspace we use in our tutorials. Essentials is a general-purpose workspace, suitable for many different tasks.

Why is Photoshop hidden?

If your Tools panel disappears because you've hidden all your open panels, press "Tab" to redisplay it along with your companions. This keyboard shortcut works like a toggle, hiding all open panels or revealing them again. The "Shift-Tab" combination toggles everything except Tools and the app bar.

How can you instantly hide or show all panels in Photoshop?

Keys to show or hide panels (expert mode) Keys to paint and brushes. Keys to use text. Keys for the Liquify filter.

Keys to show or hide panels (expert mode)

Result windows MacOS
Show/hide browser panel F12 Option + F12

What key is used to show and hide all panels?

Keys to show or hide panels (expert mode)

Result windows MacOS
open help F1 F1
Show/Hide History panel F10 Option + F10
Show/Hide Layers Panel F11 Option + F11
Show/hide browser panel F12 Option + F12

What is the Photoshop file extension?

The Photoshop format (PSD) is the default file format and the only format other than the Large Document Format (PSB) that supports all of Photoshop's features.

How do I personalize my workspace?

Create and customize a workspace

  1. Click Manage tab Personalization panel User Interface. …
  2. On the Customize tab, Customizations In pane, right-click the Workspaces node, and click New Workspace. …
  3. Right-click Workspace1. …
  4. In the Workspace Contents pane, click Customize Workspace.


What are the 6 Photoshop workspaces?

Adobe has by default created 6 pre-made workspaces for you, which are aimed at different creative professionals:

  • essentials.
  • 3D.
  • Graphics and Web.
  • Motion.
  • Paintwork.
  • Photography.

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