How do you pronounce gif or gif?

"It's pronounced JIF, not GIF." Just like peanut butter. “The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations,” Wilhite told The New York Times. "They're wrong. It's a soft 'G', pronounced 'jif.'

Why is it pronounced GIF?

The logic behind this pronunciation comes from what GIF stands for: Graphics Interchange Format. … In his acceptance speech he declared by his own invention – once and for all (so he thought) – the correct way to pronounce it: “It's pronounced 'JIF' not 'GIF.

When do you hear someone pronounce GIFs as Jif?

“The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations. You are wrong. It's a soft 'G', pronounced 'jif'. … Wilhite also mentioned that he is upset that there is still debate over the pronunciation.

How does the GIF maker pronounce GIF?

Now, back in the day, the computer scientist who created GIFs, Steve Wilhite of the popular online service CompuServe, stated otherwise: GIFs were meant to be pronounced as "Jif."

What does GIF mean?

The graphics interchange format, or GIF, was first developed by a computer scientist working at CompuServe in 1987. And though it has risen or fallen, the debate over how to pronounce the acronym for those minute-looping animations became something once the GIF really took off.

Is it pronounced carmel or caramel?

The Oxford Dictionaries state: “The word caramel can be acceptably pronounced in a number of accepted ways, including KARR-uh-mel, KARR-uh-muhl, and, in North American English, KAR-muhl. The disappearance of that second syllable -uh- in the final pronunciation seems to have been in the works for a long time."

How do you say the word meme?

The correct way to say "meme", according to the Oxford English Dictionary and the BBC Pronunciation Unit, is "mim", not "may may" or "mee mee". The word was coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene.

Who invented GIFs?

Steve Wilhite is an American computer scientist who worked at CompuServe and was the primary creator of the GIF file format, which became the de facto standard for 8-bit color images on the Internet until PNG became a viable alternative. He developed GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) in 1987.

How do you pronounce Nike Nike?

The correct way to pronounce "Nike" is that it rhymes with "spiky".

How do you pronounce Nguyen?

South Vietnamese tend to clip some of their sounds, so Nguyen would be pronounced as "Win" or "Wen". North Vietnamese would stick with it, giving a pronunciation more like "N'Win" or "Nuh'Win", all done as best you can to one syllable.

How do you pronounce Siobhan?

Pronounce the "Sio" part of the name as "Shi" with a soft "ih" sound. He pronounces the "bhan" part of the name as "vawn". "Vawn" must be pronounced to rhyme with "lawn" or "gone." Combine both syllables of the name to pronounce "Siobhan" as "Shi-vawn".

What do GIFs mean in text messages?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format: On social media, GIFs are small animations and video sequences. A GIF is commonly used to represent a feeling or an action.

Pronounced Nitch or Neesh?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, it is pronounced 'Nitch' in American and Canadian English and 'Neesh' in British English. So it seems that the word Niche has evolved and that while 'Nitch' is correct for Americans and Canadians, the rest of the world prefers to pronounce it 'Neesh'.

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