How do you save a layer in the substance painter?

How do you save a substance painter file?

Once the project is ready, go to the File menu and choose Export Textures to open the export window. This new window will allow you to export the content of a project as image files. See the bottom of the page for explanations of possible warnings that Substance Painter may indicate during the export process.

How can you save material in a substance?

The answer is that you need to create a new folder (top right of the Layers panel) and put all your layers in there. Then right click on that folder and press 'create smart material'. The material will appear in the "Smart Materials".

What is saving and compacting in Substance Painter?

Use the "Save and Compact" function in the File menu to re-save the project and remove wasted empty space. This save action will take longer than a regular save, but can significantly reduce the footprint of the file.

Where does the substance painter keep the files?

If the project has never been saved (untitled), the backup copies will be in the autosave folder in the user's Documents folder. (Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/autosave) If the override setting has been enabled, the backups will be located in the path provided in the settings.

What file format does Substance Painter use?

fbx (Autodesk FBX) abc (Alembic) obj (wavefront OBJ) dae (Collada)

How are materials imported into substances?

Go to Substance Painter and in the top menu click File > Import:

  1. An Import Resources dialog will open:
  2. Current Session – This location will be a temporary import that will only exist during this Substance Painter session.


How do I export a substance designer file?

Bitmap export

Right-click on a chart and select Export Results as Bitmaps. Click the Tools icon on the Chart toolbar and choose Export Results... In the Export Results dialog box, you get a few options to customize your export.

How do I export a material in blender?

Blender (2.7) – How to export your 3D models

  1. Save your Blender file (. blend) in the same folder as your . obj, if it hasn't already.
  2. Click File/External Data/Pack All In. Mix.
  3. Click File/External Data/Unzip All to Files.
  4. Choose "Use files in current directory (create when needed)"

How do you merge sets of textures in the substance painter?

Unfortunately, you can't merge the texture sets inside the substance. However, you could merge them in Photoshop/Gimp. You can test and save your substance materials as smart materials. So within each material slot, select or your layers and add them to a folder.

How do you create a smart material in a substance painter?

To create a Smart Materials, a folder is required. Content from smart materials will be included in the folder. Then just right click on the folder and select "Create Smart Stuff". The smart stuff will be added to the current shelf and will be named according to the selected folder.

How much space does the Painter substance need?

OS: Windows 8/10 – 64 bit required. Memory: 8 GB RAM. Graphics: Intel HD 5000 – IRis Pro 6200 – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 – NVIDIA Quadro K2000 – AMD Radeon HD 7000 – AMD Radeon Pro WX-series / Pro Duo – AMD FirePro W-series / FirePro S-series. Storage: 3 GB of available space.

What is save and compact?

When you select Save and Compact, Flash creates a new optimized file and deletes the original file. …Because Save and Compact removes the previous version of the file and replaces it with the optimized version, it cannot undo previous changes.

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