Question: Why are my RGB lights not working?

If your RGB light strip doesn't change color, try flipping your light strip over and plugging it back in. Wrong Power Source – Be sure to double check what power source your lights require. … The output voltage of the driver or transformer must match the input voltage your light strip needs.

How do I reset my RGB lights?

This is the general way how to reset RGB LED strips.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Plug in your LED strips and turn it on for a few seconds.
  2. Turn it off and then take out the power adapter without turning off the remote.
  3. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds, and then reconnect the power supply.

Why are my red LED lights not working?

Most likely a poor connection on the red wire. A standard DVM meter will test LEDS like these, just set to ohms and run the leads through a red LED and see if it lights up. If that doesn't work, reverse the polarity of the wire.

Why did my LED lights suddenly stop working?

If the LEDs do not light up at all, this could be caused by a faulty power supply. Solution: If you have multiple power supplies, try a different power supply on the same strip to see if this now works. If so, then you have a faulty power supply and you will need a new one.

What do you do if your LED lights are not working?

Check for any visible loose connections, make sure all your connectors and wires are in place and haven't fallen off. Try tightening the screws on the DC adapters and reinserting the LED strips into the solderless connectors, which are common points of contact failure.

How do I repair the RGB LED remote?

How to fix your LED strip controller

  1. First make sure the indicator light on top of the remote comes on when you press a button. …
  2. Disconnect your power source.
  3. Disconnect the dimming wire from both the power supply and the LED strip lights (see Figure 1).
  4. Remove the battery from the controller and then reinstall it.

How do you fix wrong color LED lights?

Step 1, make sure all the parts of the LED strip kit are connected correctly and powered. Step 3, press "FADE7" button, it will flash one second. Step 4, turn on the LED strips again, press the red, green, blue button one by one, it will change to its original color.

Why isn't blue working on my LED lights?

Either there is a fault or the battery is weak. Different colored LEDs require different voltages to function properly. Red/green takes about 1.8V, blue and white 3V or more.

Why doesn't my LED strip light turn red but the other colors are ok and how do I fix it?

Verify that the power source has the correct amount of amperage. It may be higher than you need, but it can't have a lower amperage. Check for solid connections to any power source. Check for breaks in the LED strip, especially just before the strip misbehaves.

Why are my LED lights 2 different colors?

As stated above, when LED strip lights don't get cool enough, they overheat and the diodes can change color. One of the biggest ways this can happen is poor air ventilation around your lighting setup. There is not enough space to carry the warm air and allow the cooler air to circulate.

Do LED lights burn out?

LED lights burn out, but in theory at least they should last much longer than incandescent or fluorescent lights. … A single LED may well last 100,000 hours, but it only takes one of those diodes to fail before the bulb can be considered malfunctioning anymore.

Can LED strips be reconnected?

A: If the LED strip light you purchased can be cut, the remaining part that you have cut can no longer be used. If you want to reconnect them after cutting them off, you need to use an extra 4-pin connector to reconnect them. … If you need to reconnect your LED strip lights after cutting them off, you need an extra 4-pin connector.

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