What is the use of the ETC directory in Linux?

The /etc directory contains configuration files, which can usually be edited by hand in a text editor. Note that the /etc/ directory contains system-wide configuration files; user-specific configuration files are located in each user's home directory.

Where is the etc directory in Linux?

/etc/ it is where the configuration files and directories are located. /home/ is the default location for users' home directories.

What does sudo su mean?

the su command switch to superuser or root user – when you run it without additional options. Sudo runs a single command with root privileges. … When you run the sudo command, the system prompts you for the password of your current user account before running the command as the root user.

What is MNT in Linux?

That is a generic mount point under which you mount your file systems or devices. Mounting is the process by which you make a file system available to the system. After mounting, your files will be accessible under the mount point. Standard mount points would include /mnt/cdrom and /mnt/floppy. …

Why is it called etc?

ETC is a folder that contains all your system configuration files. So why the name etc? "etc" is an English word that means etcetera, that is, in simple words is "and so on". The naming convention for this folder has an interesting history.

What does etc mean in a text?

The abbreviation of and so on is etc. use etc. when you start a list that you won't complete; indicates that there are other items in the list besides the ones you explicitly mention. The abbreviation is more common than the full phrase in business and technical writing.

What is the run directory?

The running directory of a database is the directory where the database system saves database configuration and log files. If you enter a relative path when working with a database, the database system will always interpret this path as relative to the running directory.

What is ETC X11?

/etc/X11 is the location for all X11 host-specific settings. This directory is required to allow local control if /usr is mounted read-only.

What is the home directory in Linux?

The Linux home directory is a directory for a particular system user and consists of individual files. It is also known as the login directory. This is the first place it occurs after logging into a Linux system. It is automatically created as “/home” for each user in the directory.

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