Where are the tool options in Krita?

It gives you the tool options in the toolbar, next to the brush settings. You can open it with the key.

How do I get my tools back in Krita?

Re: Missing Krita Toolbar and Headers

You could try restoring the default. Right click on the toolbar, then on set toolbar and dialog to default button.

How do I change the brush settings in Krita?

The brush settings dropdown. To get started, the Brush Settings Editor panel can be accessed on the toolbar, between the Choose Brush Preset button on the right and the Fill Patterns button on the left. Alternatively, you can use the F5 key to open it.

How do I restore a deleted brush in Krita?

Actually it does, just go to settings->manage resources->open resources folder and delete the '. blacklist file for paintoppresets and this will return all deleted presets. (Krita never actually deletes presets, it just hides them.)

How do I make my Krita brush pressure sensitive?


  1. Make sure all your drivers are up to date: Check your tablet's desktop client and Windows Updates.
  2. Make sure your tablet's connection is working. (…
  3. Open Krita.
  4. In the toolbar, mouse over 'Settings> Configure Toolbars...>
  5. Make sure 'mainToolBar' Krita> is selected under 'Toolbar:'


Why is my toothbrush not working Krita?

Go to your Selection Tool (preferably the Square option) and click on the canvas without dragging, just click. Then try drawing again. If that doesn't fix it, it may be a problem with your driver, so try updating or reinstalling it.

Can you download brushes for Krita?

Download and install:

You can directly download the blend brushes. package file here (in a zip, extract it after download) or from this folder (git source here). Open Krita, go to _Settings_then _Manage Resources_and then click the Import Package/Resources button. Select the blend brushes.

Where did my brushes go in Krita?

Re: missing brushes

The kpp files are files for preset brushes (painting tools and effects) and are stored in the paintoppresets folder. You can use the Manage Resources utility to import them (Import Presets button) or you can place them there manually and they will be available the next time you start Krita.

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