You asked: How do I share a PSD file in procreate?

How do I send PSD files to procreate?

Import PSD files into Procreate from your computer or server

  1. Tap the "+" icon and tap "Import"
  2. Select "Import from..."
  3. Select your computer or cloud storage where your PSD files are stored. …
  4. Select the file you want to import, in this case "GoatMen.psd"
  5. Procreate will import your PSD with all its layers intact.

Can you import PSD to procreate?

PSD files can be directly imported and contain all of their original layer structure. Previously, Procreate only supported export to Photoshop. … Procreate for iPad costs $5.99 and requires a device running iOS 10.

Can you share a file in procreate?

procreate format. Tap Actions > Share > Procreate, then select a destination for your file.

Can you send a PSD file over the air?

Try swiping left on one of the problematic canvases, and then select Share > PSD > Save to Files > On My iPad. After the export, open your Files app and navigate to the file, then try sharing it to your Mac via AirDrop.

How do I export large files from procreate?

Be sure to first check iPad Settings > Procreate > Drag and Drop Export > Preferred File Format and set it to . procreate format. You can try drag and drop into the Files app folders for apps like Dropbox or Readdle Documents, for example.

How do I export from procreate?

Export PSD files from Procreate directly to your computer

  1. Tap on the wrench icon and then tap on “Share Artwork”
  2. Select "PSD"
  3. Select "Import with FileBrowser".
  4. Go to your computer or cloud storage and save your file.

Can you import SVG into procreate?

Procreate is not a vector app, so no, you cannot export SVG code or files from it. You could use some software like Illustrator to trace your Procreate artwork into vector and then into SVG.

What file is PSD?

What is a PSD file? PSD (Photoshop Document) is an image file format native to Adobe's popular Photoshop application. It is an image editing friendly format that supports multiple image layers and various image options.

What type of files can be imported into procreate?

File types to import

  • . procreate.
  • psd.
  • JPEG.
  • PNG.
  • FIGHT.
  • GIF.

Can you draw with friends on procreate?

Log in to Procreate, say hello to everyone, check out other's artwork. Make friends with them by following their work if you like it. Personal messages. Get notified when they go online or start a live stream via notifications.

Can I share the procreate app?

Procreate is a sharing app. Technically, under Apple iCloud Family Sharing plan, users can successfully download apps purchased by one device with other devices within the same iCloud. You just need to enable Family Sharing to start sharing and downloading apps.

How do I share my procreate account?

This folder corresponds to the Procreate folder when you connect iPad to iTunes on your computer, click the iPad icon, then click File Sharing in the left column: Any files you send from Procreate to the Files app, or drag and drop drop it in the Files App Procreate folder on the iPad, it will magically appear in...

How do I transfer Photoshop files to iPad?

To save a Photoshop document created on your iPad to Creative Cloud, do the following:

  1. Touch the export icon ( ).
  2. Tap Publish & Export.
  3. Select a suitable file format for your export. PSD is an option.
  4. Choose Creative Cloud from the available options.
  5. Navigate to the appropriate location and tap Upload.


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